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Your Rights

When you and your family are on a cruise ship, you are no longer in America and you are no longer protected by American Law, but you still have rights that must be respected. While the shipping companies may not be governed by American laws at sea, they are still governed by a duty to provide reasonable care for their passengers.

That means if the cruise line (or its employees) harms you or treats you unreasonably and/or an unreasonable condition on the ship, or  causes you or your family to be injured, then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Furthermore, if a crime is committed against you or your family, the Cruise S.O.S. card lays out the steps you must take in order to protect your rights.

From a slip and fall to an assault by another passenger, you have rights and they are best protected by keeping the Cruise S.O.S. card on hand. Print out the Cruise S.O.S. card now and read over the simple instructions in the event any crime or injury occur against you or your family.

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