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Dangers at Sea

Underage Drinking
Various media outlets have exposed the cruise lines dangerous practice of serving alcohol to minors. The drinking age on any given ship is governed by the law of the flag, i.e. Liberia or Panama, but generally these countries do not enforce their laws. Therefore, there are basically no rules regarding underage drinking. While this may not be a crime in and of itself, it can be the precursor to more serious tragedies such as accidents, sexual assaults, and even rape.

Crime at Sea
Crime at Sea is a broad category which can take many forms from assault to rape, but in each instance you and your family have rights that must be protected. While there may not be police officers aboard cruise ships, you can take steps to protect yourself and your family, and in the unfortunate event of any crime, the Cruise S.O.S. card lays out all the steps that must be taken.

Sexual Assaults & Rapes
Sexual assaults and rapes can be a very sensitive topic, yet they are arguably the most important to be watchful for. Sexual predators (whether employees of the cruise lines or passengers) may believe they can get away with such heinous acts aboard cruise ships because of the lawless nature at sea, but by keeping a vigilant watch over those who may be endangered, the risk is minimized. Furthermore, should such a tragedy occur, the Cruise S.O.S. Card lays out the steps that must be taken in order to protect the victim's rights.

Inadequate Medical Care
Medical care aboard cruise ships is notoriously sub par. While this should not prevent you from seeking medical treatment aboard the ship in the event of emergency, you should be aware that any nurse or doctor who provides you with medical treatment must do so in a reasonable manner. And if you are given inadequate medical treatment, the Cruise S.O.S. card will provide you with an outlet to protect you and your family's rights.

Abusive Treatment
Cruise Lines and their employees have a duty to treat every passenger with reasonable care, but all too often passengers and seamen finds themselves at the mercy of abusive treatment. Passengers and seamen often feel as though they have little recourse in such situations, but you do have rights and they must be protected. In order to correct the wrong that has been done to you or your family, the Cruise S.O.S. card can show you the way.

Passengers Overboard
The news and media have recently shown how this horrible occurrence is happening with an alarming frequency. And even in this most frightening of circumstances, you and your family must be aware of the steps you must take to try to help the overboard passenger. The Cruise S.O.S. card will show you the steps you must take if a passenger goes overboard.

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