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About The Card

When you are at sea you are at the mercy of the Shipping Company without any access to independent information. Get the FREE S.O.S. Card so that you have the knowledge to protect yourself and your family.

Cruise Ships are like floating cities filled with nearly every luxury you and your family can imagine. Unfortunately, these floating cities are not cities of the United States, they are cities of the foreign flags they fly, such as Panama or Liberia. Therefore, you are no longer under many of the laws and protections of the United States, you are in a foreign land. And in this foreign city, filled with these luxuries, one crucial ingredient is missing...Law Enforcement. There are no police officers, FBI agents or United States law enforcement of any type on cruise ships, only security guards. The absence of law enforcement and the absence of United States laws onboard have created an environment that is open to crime.

Recent events have exhibited the lawless nature of these cruises as missing passengers, rape, sexual assault, and underage drinking flash across the TV news shows on a seemingly daily basis. The Cruise S.O.S. card was designed to be your first defense against lawlessness at sea. The best defense is prevention, and having knowledge of the situation at sea is undoubtedly the best way to protect you and your family. What you hear and see on the TV does not mean that you cannot travel safely on the high seas, but you must be prepared and aware.

Your preparation and your family's protection at sea begin by downloading the Cruise S.O.S. card. Then make sure you put it in your wallet so that you will have immediate access to this information on your next cruise.

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